Online Survey


 We develop specific panelists and provide online survey panels customised to the needs of our client's target audience across Asia. For quick cost effective research studies, engaging online panels are preferred choice by our clients.  

Personal Interview


 Personal or face to face interviews are popular survey methodology in Asia. Added with technology, our survey interviewers are equiped with phablet devices. Audio, visual recordings and geo location are essential to ascertain quality checks in our data collection procedures.. 

Telephone Interview


 Telephone interviews are conducted from call centre equiped with audio recordings, database queue system that covers high volume of survey coverage. i.e multi lingual, 24/7 operations.  

Survey Recruitment


Our recruiters are based across Asia. They were  selected based on their 'Street Smart' skill in building network of local contacts. Running an in depth interviews or focus groups needs a team resourceful recruiters to recruit the right respondent..



If you need local language translators for your project, feel free to let us know. We'll be glad to provide you English speaking translators..



If you have any questions regarding market research in Asia, we are glad to hear from you.